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        Here's Why Aussie lifters are rating the Stay Shredded - Quads of the Gods Leg day shorts a Five Star, Must have in 2022.

        1. We've made all of our men's gym shorts with High Quality Materials
        Many months and years of testing the best high stretch , high quality fabrics on the market.
        Β  Β 
        2. These fitness shorts are 100% Squat Proof!
        We personally Battle test every pair of our bodybuilding shorts before we sign off them and sell them to the public.
        We have theΒ  Stay Shredded Team put each pair of shorts through the ringer and have them do the grittiest of Leg day workouts , from deep squat , lunges, leg presses... you name the exercise, we have tested our shorts in it. So you will be equipped and can grantee you will be able to tackle anything the gym environment throws your way.

        3. Zero restrictions & Maximum comfort

        Our shorts have been tailored so as to give you full range of motion.
        there is no restriction when doing lunges , squats and leg presses.
        We have built these Fitness shorts with inner Mesh lining is to give you an extra layer of comfort and support during all of your workouts

        4. One of kind design
        With 101 Australian Fitness Brands popping up in the market and just as quickly disappearing. What separates us from every generic fitness label and has us breaking away form status quo? One kind unique designs.
        Our design team are always in the lab creatingΒ  fresh and unique styles and designs that go against the grain of the Masses. Not just because something is currently trending in the fitness fashion scene.
        We are regularly dropping New designs so there will always be something fresh to add to your workout wardrobe.

        5. Australia owned and Operated
        We personally love supporting other Aussie business, and we feel most Australians are the same.
        This also means the fastest shipping service state by state Australia wide